Hi people at
Chinatown Market!

We had this idea.

We wanted to combine traditional hiphop jewelery


Something fun!

When we created these samples, we immediately thought about you guys.

  • 925 sterling silver
  • matte finish
  • zirconia stone crown
  • colored enamel face
  • multiple chain options

We would love to see this collaboration come to life.

If you find this interesting,
here is a little bit more to know about us!

We are two siblings;
Sigve (26) and Hedda (24).

Sigve og Hedda Sigve og Hedda Signatur

We run a small independent jewelery brand and creative studio in Oslo, Norway.

Our goal is to make a business out of creating innovative jewelery and art.

And of course,
have fun while doing it.

Here is some of our previous work :)

Feel free to reach out!